Liz Gold is the founder and CEO of Rhino Girl Media, a digital marketing and creative services agency that helps accounting firms and small businesses advance and evolve. Since her writing first appeared in a newspaper at the ripe age of six, Liz has been published in a variety of capacities writing about everything from Kennebunkport and southern Maine municipal government, art and cultural events, to cloud technology and business transformation. Liz’s experience extends to both corporate and freelance; she’s a former Senior Editor at the B2B publication Accounting Today, writing about public accounting firms with a specialization in diversity, technology, best practices, and business development. During her tenure, she was also cofounder and editor of Accounting Tomorrow, a blog focused on intergenerational workplace issues that is still thriving today. While she was in-house at a top-25, US, $175 million accounting, tax, and consulting firm, she ran its PR initiatives, spearheaded a brand messaging campaign, and developed thought leadership with the firm's partnership. She currently is the co-host of a new talk radio show on VoiceAmerica, “Let’s Get Radical” which is focused on small businesses and creative entrepreneurs. Liz recently moved to the great Pacific Northwest after living in New York for 10 years and training in Goju karate at the Center for Anti-Violence Education in Brooklyn. 

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Chaia Milstein has been working as a writer/editor for 20+ years, in journalism, copywriting, and screenwriting. She works in both branded and independent media, in a variety of fields from fashion/beauty to construction to media and entertainment. On the branded side, she creates marketing collateral from small to large – taglines to publications – and from concept to execution. She's a whiz at whipping up a wide range of marketing materials: taglines, email blasts, invitations, signage, product naming, mobile copy, packaging copy, and more. But Chaia's sweet spot is in branded journalism as she loves creating niche publications from the ground up and has done so at Viacom for sales and marketing professionals, and at a tiny tech start-up for millennial women job-seekers. Chaia lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Devra Polack is the CEO and founder of Spinster Design, Inc., a Portland, Oregon-based, women-owned creative digital services agency going on its 15th year. Devra provides the tech consultancy know-how, specializing in web design, development and e-marketing for niche businesses. And she spans some broad territory. She specializes in web, mobile and interactive design to WordPress and Drupal development; UI consulting; content development; analytics; and print design and pre-press—but what she really loves is bringing content to life and extending brands consistently across very diverse media. 


Ethan Parker is the founder of Ethan Parker Design, an independent graphic design company focusing on small business branding and marketing collateral based in Portland, Oregon. He gives a visual voice to unconventional businesses and solopreneurs who are ready to be brave. As an enthusiastic designer, he combines creative vision, strategic thinking, and a little psychology to help his clients connect their values to their image, which in turn draws the right audience and boosts business. He also specializes in print production, layout, packaging, digital graphics, and photo retouching. He loves working on projects that support social change. His freelance business practices are rooted in an anti-capitalistic and feminist framework. He is queer, transgender, an ocean activist, and enjoys scuba diving and backpacking when he's not working remotely from his laptop. 

Amna Shamim is a very experienced SEO strategist who is passionate about helping small businesses in the legal cannabis space. She’s the founder and CEO of Legal Green Marketing, a digital marketing company with an emphasis on SEO to ensure agile market placement in this evolving industry. Amna is an expert at implementing local SEO campaigns, which are incredibly valuable to service businesses whose clients are nearby. Amna has written for Business Insider, Entrepreneur, HuffPost, Bust and Paste Magazine.

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