I love Liz! We've been working together for years and she's been instrumental in helping me develop my consistent messaging and voice for The Radical CPA and New Vision CPA Group. Aside from being my editor (for columns, articles and my book, The Radical CPA: New Rules for the Future-Ready Firm) and helping me create all my content, she supports my social media efforts and handled project management for my new website. Aside from all that, we work together as co-hosts on our VoiceAmerica radio show, "Let's Get Radical." And we have a blast doing it! I know it's hard to pay for marketing when you just start, but communication to the world is how you set your firm apart. I would never be where I am today without Liz. - Jody Padar, CPA, CEO & Principal of New Vision CPA Group & Author of "The Radical CPA: New Rules for the Future-Ready Firm."


I can’t recommend Liz highly enough! I had the pleasure of editing her journalistic writing for a marketing trends publication, and my team and I were all solidly impressed with her research and reporting. And beyond that, Liz is just a lovely person to work with - she loves what she does, and it shows.”
— Chaia Milstein, Savvy
Liz has been such a huge asset to CAE’s Digital Committee and has been fantastic at everything from writing content to managing the project of our website overhaul, to keeping on top of all the volunteers and moving parts. And she’s both professional and positive. Great to work with her.
— Tracy Hobson, Executive Director at the Center for Anti-Violence Education
Liz was a pleasure to work with. We picked her because of her deep knowledge of our client base, her writing skills and her social media experience. She managed our website content, LinkedIn group and Twitter account, working across platforms to ensure that the proper messaging was coordinated and executed on a daily basis. She helped us grow our base and increased customer interaction.”
— Randi Kopp, Social Media & Marketing Consultant
If there is one word I would use to describe Liz, it is “unique.” She is not afraid to do things differently and to speak up when she thinks things need improvement. Liz used her uniqueness to drive home the point that the accounting profession doesn’t have to be all blue suits and starch white collars. She broke the mold in what many would call a straight-laced industry using an innovative approach and new platform.
— Alexandra DeFelice, Senior Manager, Moore Stephens North America, Inc.
Liz Gold is a legend in the accounting community. Not only do we appreciate her coverage of our industry, but her writing style is distinctly energizing and in-depth. She is engaging and accessible. She is happy to answer questions and provide guidance to folks new to the accounting industry. And beyond all that, she is a good soul and a good friend to have. It is hard to find a more well rounded person than Liz. Once you met her, you’ll see as well.
— Andrew Rose, President at Zest Social Media Solutions