Bringing Summer Down

Hey, folks! Greetings from Brooklyn!

Here in New York, fall is on its way. I couldn't be more thrilled. It's been "hotter than a crotch" as Bob Dylan sang in "Tough Mama" (one of my favorite songs by him, here's a version by Jerry Garcia) in Brooklyn. And even though I've been so lucky to be traveling around this summer, being here during the heat of it reminds me, well, I'd prefer not to be.

BUT this is exactly how I want my business to run. Traveling around, working from various places and living life simultaneously. It's pretty cool. Technology helps this a lot.

"Let's Get Radical" is rocking and rolling. If you're new to this, "Let's Get Radical" is an online talk radio show on VoiceAmerica I'm doing with Jody Padar, a CPA responsible for radicalizing the accounting industry. We're continuing on at least through December and were recently written up as among the top five podcasts for accountants in the Journal of Accountancy Let me just say, we're with Freakonomics and Planet Money, so I'm not complaining. If that doesn't get you to listen, I don't know what else will - except for the fact that we've had some pretty kick ass guests.

We talked with Jay Krishnan, VP of Marketing at Automile all about the Internet of Things and why really listening to your customer is what matters. We talked to celebrity chef (aka Chopped and Beat Bobby Flay) Jordan Andino, who has opened not one, not two, but three New York City restaurants. If you're in the West Village anytime soon, make sure you check out 2nd City - a Filipino taqueria with entrees named "Bi-curious Tacos" and "Pass the Bowl." His other digs: Invite Only, a supper club in the MeatPacking District and VYNL in the East Village, both which I still need to check out. We also talked with Saul Colt, expert word-of-mouth marketer all about doing the unconventional and taking risks. He worked with FreshBooks and Zipcar.

If you can never listen live because our slot (Tuesdays at 11AM EST) is just not great for you, you can listen to us oniTunes aka download and tune in at your leisure. Please do! And write us a review! 

AND! If you know of a business owner who would make a great guest on our show, please let me know!

OK, enough about that.

Few things I want to tell you about this month:

First off, I'm working on an album for dogs. Like a singing album. It's OK, go ahead laugh, it's funny and I'm just half serious about it, but the serious part thinks there's something to it. You know when you just find utter joy in doing something ridiculous? The amazing thing is I already have four songs! Three of them includes guitar by my good friend Marielle up in Portland, Maine. Recorded right in my iPhone voice memos. This newsletter platform doesn't allow me to upload music otherwise, you all would be in for a treat. I had this vision of taking a break from Rhino Girl Media to go tour and perform in dog parks all around the country. 

It's not likely that will happen, but I believe in the power of possibility and opportunity. And hell, you never know.

My point is, it feels good to find joy. Ridiculous, stupid, off-the-wall, activities that make you feel like a kid. Am I right?

Speaking of kids, have a new baby in your life? Babies seem to be popping up everywhere in mine! Looking for some gender neutral, organic cotton duds with fun colors and patterns? Want to support an Etsy small business? I recently discovered Mama Hen.

I mean, isn't this cute? The amazing thing is they are called "Grow With Me" pants. The pictured pair (infant sized) can be worn up to one year.

Looking for some good reading? I know there's a lot of white noise buzzing around out there and things can be easily missed, which is why I want to draw your attention to two articles:
1. 7 NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Non-Traditional Bride. If penis straws are not your thing, or if you have a bride-to-be in your life who wouldn't dream of wearing a tiara out in public unless it was during a burlesque show, then check this list out. Written by my former editor and friend Chaia based in Brooklyn. A friend and I planned Chaia's b-lette party at Paper Source making bracelets, drinking champagne and it worked out quite well.lette party at Paper Source making bracelets, drinking champagne and it worked out quite well.

2. How to be a Practicing Feminist in Your Relationship. I hope people of all genders think about this and how certain roles play out. This article serves as a reminder. Consent. Check. Equal division of labor. Check. Written by my friend, Tori based in San Jose.

Shifting gears a bit but not too dramatically, I know some companies don't think LGBT employees exist. But we do. We're everywhere. The question is what are you going to do with us? If you are an executive, HR and/or diversity professional who has been thinking about this (or hell, even if you're not thinking about this) you'll definitely want to sit in on a live Q&A webinar entitled "Engaging LGBTQ Employees."

Facilitated by my friend and colleague Rhodes Perry of
Rhodes Perry Consulting the webinar is on September 22 at 2PM EST. Participants will gain new strategies to help recruit, retain, and develop LGBTQ talent.

Save your seat and register!                                               

So that, my friends, is what I have for you right now. I hope you enjoy the very last bit of summer and find some random, spontaneous joy sometime during your day. I love hearing from all of you about what you're doing and big thanks to all of you who wrote me notes after the last newsletter went out.

Til next time,