6 Tips to Get You Moving for Spring


Spring is here in New York and with more light and warmth comes (hopefully) the desire to move more. I talked with BJ Watkins, one of my favorite fitness people around (check out Orange Theory in Brooklyn Heights to see what I mean), and asked her what are some easy ways to get active even if you are moving slow.

  1. Start small – Even if you can’t get yourself off the couch for that die-hard cardio session or whatever, make small changes! Get off a train stop or two earlier so you can walk, take the stairs rather than the elevator or do some general exercises between commercial breaks or when a certain person comes on the TV. The small changes add up to a greater whole.
 BJ Watkins

BJ Watkins


  1. Get exercise clothes that make you feel good – You will feel more inclined to get off that couch if your workout gear has you feeling on fleek! Feeling like a hot mess just isn’t another obstacle you need! We’re here to feel good about ourselves!
  2. Workout wear is the new PJs – Well, at least for YOU! Use this as means to remind yourself that your fitness is important, an extra layer of motivation… Whatever! I mean you already got them on so why not get that workout in!
  3. Make it social – If you like how you feel rolling to the club with your friends on Friday, why can’t you roll with your crew to Zumba and make it a day party? You can put in that awesome work and have fun! Maybe Zumba isn’t for you, what about hiking, frisbee in the park, skating on a Tuesday? Find things you can do with others! Help each other be accountable and get some face time in too.
  4. Mix it up –  Are you doing the same routine for every workout? No wonder you just want to just lay back down. Try something new! Our bodies are made to adapt and if you want to see results, you need to avoid plateaus.
  5. Stop defining your happiness by the scale – I’ve reached a point where I have been encouraging people to consider how they feel and not the number on the scale when they feel discouraged.  If your clothes are fitting better, you are feeling healthier… Use that to keep going. You’ll drive yourself NUTS measuring your success by the scale.