New Deluxe Blogging Package Especially for CPA Firms

Here's the thing:

You're managing a CPA firm or a niche practice within one. You are good at what you do. You make a difference in your clients' lives (or at least you like to think so). Your firm or niche wants to grow. You want to provide more, dare I say it, value. But what can you do? 

Blog. Blog. Blog. With SEO, of course.

This is not, slap-a-post-up-there-every-other-week-and-see-if-it-sticks sort of thing.

This is a highly strategic, SEO-optimized post with SEO rich images that you can use on social media. This post stems from a monthly planning session that includes editorial calendar planning for the upcoming month and fleshing out content for posts. We brainstorm topics, we create a calendar, you share your insight either via email or a phone call and the RGM team transforms them into a minimum of four 600-800 word blog posts written specifically for your audience accompanied by three engaging visuals that can be shared and shared again.  

Your content will be original and it will be yours. 

It will be optimized to include your industry and/or niche's keywords, localized to your geography so you come up first in a Google search. 

You'll also get a monthly report so you can crunch the data and see first-hand how your investment is paying off. 

We can help you become more visible. We can help your website get more visitors. And convert those visitors into hot leads. 

We work with accounting firms who are ready to be seen. SEO strategy is an ongoing endeavor and it typically takes 3-6 months to see any progress so that's why we require a six-month contract for this service.

Email us at today to find out more about the deluxe blogging package and our new SEO services!